2023 CTC In-person Chess Mini-camp in Kenya Announced

As CTC’s Global Outreach leadership team meticulously laid out the logistics and put into action their plan for the upcoming trip to Kenya, their offering of CTC’s first in-person chess mini-camp in Nairobi was officially announced.

The camp, led by WIM Ellen Wang, IM Evan Park, IM Nico Chasin and IM Justus Williams, will take place in Verona Hotel and Conference Center in Ruiru over the weekend of March 25th and 26th. It features intensive and comprehensive trainings in all aspects of the game, including tactics, openings, middle game strategies, positional play, and endgames. Players in the Nairobi area at all levels are welcome to register and will be divided into 2-3 level-based groups to receive differentiated instructions. Thanks to the generous donations CTC collected through its fundraising event on March 4th, the team will be able to offer chess.com gold memberships to campers, together with custom designed T-shirt and souvenirs, as well as a free buffet lunch to all. In addition to the formal AM and PM sessions, campers are encouraged to stay for extra hours and play casual games with the instructors for bonding and socialization.

The camp announcement has quickly attracted huge attention not only from the group study students with IM Nico Chasin, but also from local chess clubs within and beyond Nairobi, with over 60 spots taken within two days. The entire leadership team is excited for the opportunity to meet with the enthusiastic Kenyan chess player and assist with their chess study. What is more, CTC hopes that campers will be inspired by CTC’s dedication to serving and connecting chess communities and will join CTC’s effort to help the less-equipped and underserved chess players and families, a critical measure to secure the sustainability of CTC’s outreach initiative in Kenya.