Unruly Queens

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        The first in 15 years, Unruly Queens, a chess team formed by WIM Ellen Wang, WFM Martha Samadashvili, WIM Evelyn Zhu, and WFM Yassamin Ehsani won the top NYS Benjamin Award as an all-girls team at the 2020 US Amateur Team East, as well as 2nd place overall. Since then, Unruly Queens (UQ) has evolved and expanded into a student-run national women’s chess initiative with top girl players from other states on board, actively engaged in activities that promote chess among young females, including free online lectures, camps, tournaments, group lessons, and chess festivals year-round. These activities have created a welcoming, encouraging and enriching environment for girls to study and practice chess, and to connect with the rest of chess community. Over 400 participants have benefited from the UQ initiative, with boosted confidence, enhanced perseverance, and sharpened strategic thinking.   To recognize and support this great cause, the US Chess Women Committee affiliated with the US Chess Federation awarded UQ $2780 grant in 2020 and $1500 in 2022.

        To amplify the voices of girl players in chess communities, WIM Ellen Wang, Co-Editor-in-Chief of Chess Connections Magazine, has also interviewed top scholastic female players, wrote about memorable tournaments, and invited submissions that tell inspiring stories by female chess enthusiasts.

        CTC cordially welcomes girl players to participate, volunteer, and take leadership in the UQ initiative, and to share their chess journeys and aspirations with a larger audience. Together, we can build a strong presence in the world of a male predominated game.

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Our Faculty

  • WIM Ellen Wang (NY), Founding member of Unruly Queens
  • WFM Yassamin Ehsani (NY), Founding member of Unruly Queens
  • WIM Evelyn Zhu (NY), Founding member of Unruly Queens
  • WFM Martha Samadashvili (NY), Founding member of Unruly Queens
  • IM/WGM Alice Lee (MN), Youngest American-born Female IM, 3-time World Youth Champion and runner-up of the 2022 American Cup
  • WIM Zoey Tang (OR), Girls’ Champion of Oregon State, Champion of 2022 North American Youth Chess Championship G18
  • WFM Kelsey Liu (MA), Girls’ Champion of Massachusetts State, Champion of 2021 North American Youth Chess Championship G16
  • Lila Field (NY), Qualifier for World Cadets Chess Championship
  • Rowan Field (NY), Qualifier for World Cadets Chess Championship
  •  Madison Brown (IN), Girls’ Champion of Indiana State 

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