Gloria Becomes the First Salama Player to Qualify for African Youth Chess Championship

After 4 days of 8 exciting and grueling games at the Kenya National Youth Chess Championships (KNYCC), a thrilling piece of news made a sensation in the Salama community – Gloria Wakoli Mbolo became the very first Salama player who qualified for the African Youth Chess Championship (AYCC).

Gloria scored 6 points out of 8 rounds: an extraordinary feat, by any measure. Her fierceness in chess and in life is exemplary of true passion and steadfast dedication. Although CTC, for lack of funding, is not able to sponsor Gloria to the 2024 AYCC, which will soon take place in Johannesburg, South Africa, Gloria’s achievement serves as motivation for her future chess improvement, as well as inspiration to all other Salama players.

Besides Gloria, three other Salama players, Maxwell, Vincely, and Brian, narrowly missed qualification with 4.5 points, merely half a point short of the required 5 points. Their strong performance is equally impressive and speaks for their outstanding chess skills and talents. 

One more big round of applause to Gloria, and to all the Salama players who competed at KNYCC!