First Puzzle Contest Makes a Big Wave in Salama Gachie Community

Thanks to the gracious gift from a CTC donor, solicited by CTC Director of Fundraising Adamson Steiner and CTC President of Global Outreach IM Evan Park, the first puzzle contest for Salama schools was held successfully on April 9th at the Salama Gachie Primary School.

39 players including alumni and students from affiliated schools, participated in this landmark event, with 3 winners emerging after hours of intensive puzzle solving: first prize of $300 went to Lehman Okoyo, and second prize of $200 and third Prize of $100 were equally split between Clement Onyango and Karen Mango, who tied for second place. All other contenders also received $10 each for their participation. 

CTC would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Adamson and Evan, faculty coordinator Catherine, and on-site volunteer coaches Hillary and Lucy. And most importantly, congratulations to the winners and to everyone who participated!