Winners of UQ Fall 2023 Series Receive Prizes Upon New Year

As the new year of 2024 knocked on the door, winners of the Unruly Queens online competitions during the Fall 2023 free group lessons received their prizes as an award that recognized their outstanding performance and their dedicated chess study.

Winners of UQ Fall 2023

Winners that emerged from the fun-filled and bustling activities included Freya Austin, Lily Xing, Lilianna Gao & Isabella Gao at the Puzzle Contest, Dena Wang from the Best Game Review, and Matt S., Nathan Kuo, Freya Austin from the Arena Tournament.

Prizes for the winners were sponsored again by the grant that Unruly Queens was awarded for the 2023-2024 cycle, including chess hoodies and the newly released chess book Play Like a Champion: Chess Tactics from the Greats by the former US Chess Women Director Jennifer Shehade.

The team of Unruly Queens instructors would like to congratulate these winners one more time on their great work! The team also thanks everyone at the series for their consistent participation and looks forward to welcoming them back in the spring!