A Powerful Day of Giving and Receiving at Salama

On the beautiful day of March 1st, 2024, representatives from The Gift of Chess, including its Director of Global Outreach, Ms. Phylis Ngigi, visited Salama Gachie Community School and generously donated 35 chess boards to 12 alumni and affiliated schools within the greater Salama community.


Schools that thankfully received the donations are Salama Gachie Community School (host), Gachie Primary School, Kamuiru Primary School, Upper Kihara Primary School, Kihara Secondary Mixed School, Gachie High Mixed school, Karura Secondary Mixed School, St Ann’s Surej Raja Girl High School, Kianyaga Boys High School, Kerugoya Boys High School, Karuri High Mixed School, and Neema Junior Academy. 

The Gift of Chess is an organization that distributes chess sets and provides an equal opportunity to learn chess and benefit from the many life skills the game cultivates. Its donations to the Salama schools will greatly facilitate their efforts to build chess activities into the school curriculum and activities. As WIM Ellen Wang, CTC’s Founder and President, stated in a thank-you letter to Ms. Ngigi, CTC’s Global Outreach initiative shares the same vision with The Gift of Chess, i.e., to bring the powerful game of chess to areas most deprived of educational resources. CTC is looking forward to many more collaborative opportunities to work with The Gift of Chess, and to jointly make a bigger impact on the global chess community!