Spring 2024 Unruly Queens Series Features Two Offline Chess Festivals in MA and IN

The Unruly Queens Women’s Chess Initiative recently announced its Spring 2024 series. In addition to the online lessons that have been well established for many seasons, the Spring 2024 series will feature two chess festivals in MA and IN, hosted by UQ lead instructors.

The online lecture series will carry the same format as in the Fall of 2023, where weekly instruction is supplemented by fun activities, including a puzzle contest and an online arena tournament. Winners will again have the chance to receive prizes sponsored by US Chess Women.

The offline festivals are expected to take place in May or early June, with one in MA organized by WIM Kelsey Liu and one in IN by Madison Brown. As the dedicated UQ instructors work on many of the logistics, including securing a venue and collaborating with local chess clubs for promotion, please be on the lookout for more details regarding these wonderful opportunities to meet our instructors and to connect with chess girls, fans, coaches, and families from your local community in the MA and IN areas.